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Father's Day Specials

On-the-Go Dad

Perfect for the busy on-the-go Dad that is pressed for time! Treat Dad to some time off his feet with a soothing 45 minute massage! Dad can choose between a relaxation, remedial or sports massage! Every busy Dads’ dream!

45 minutes $69

Hot-Stone Dad

Want to treat Dad to something extra special this Father’s Day? Let Dad try a Hot-Stone Massage! This indulgent treatment uses heated rocks on key points of the body known as energy centres. This allows muscles to deeply relax and also improves circulation and flow of energy in your entire body! Dad will feel a new man after this uplifting treatment!

75 minutes $129

Dad’s Bliss

60min full body massage + 30min stress relief facial + Foot Indulgence

This treatment is inspired from our signature treatment, the Swiss Bliss Indulgence. Start with an Hour Long Massage using warmed coconut oil and a mixture of essential oils to send Dad into a state of deep relaxation. Next, our Stress Relief Express Facial cleanses and refreshes his skin while he also enjoys a hot towel and scalp massage. Finally, your Dad’s feet will be taken care of with our Indulgent Foot Treatment where his feet will be scrubbed, massaged and soaked in warm paraffin wax leaving them soft and supple. Dad will love experiencing two hours of pure bliss in this exquisite treatment!

2 hours $209

King for a Day

Sauna + 1hr full body massage +1hr Aromatherapy Facial + Foot Indulgence

Come on it’s time to spoil your hardworking Dad! Let him relax in our Infrared Sauna detoxing his body and warming his muscles preparing them for a stress relieving Hour-Long Full Body Massage. Next his face is taken care of with a luxurious Aromatherapy Facial that refreshes his skin and also includes a hot towel and scalp massage. Finally his feet will be soaked in our organic tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender infused footbath. Then, they will be scrubbed, massaged and treated with paraffin wax. Dad will feel what it is like to be a King for a Day!

3.5 hours $309

Winter Specials

Survive the Winter with our tailor-made treatments designed to detoxify your body, boost your immune system and nourish and moisturise your skin! Feel the difference this Winter...

Winter Body Glow

This treatment is designed to increase circulation throughout your entire body, waking up the muscles and skin and leaving you feeling refreshed and energised.

We begin this indulgent treatment by exfoliating your skin to gently remove dead skins cells with our freshly made Oatmeal Scrub that contains a mixture of warming and invigorating essential oils such as cinnamon and orange. You will rinse off in the shower and deeply relax as we nourish your skin with a moisturising massage using one of our 100% natural and organic SwissWellness

body lotions.

Treatment time is 60 minutes Special Price $75.00 (Save $20)

Winter Relief Facial

Winter is a tough time of year on your skin with cool winds, low humidity and central heating drying the skin out and leaving it prone to itchiness and flaking. This facial is designed to give your skin the deep cleanse and nourishment that is needs. This special treatment combines features from both our Detox and Deep Cleanse Facial and our Aromatherapy Facial. We prepare your skin by deeply cleansing, exfoliating and steaming the face before applying our rich deep-sea mineral ‘Purifying Clay Mask’ to draw out toxins and impurities. Then, you will relax as we massage your skin with pure argan, rosehip an essential oil suited to your skin type to increase circulation in the face before applying our Vitamin E rich serum as a mask to deeply hydrate your skin leaving it youthful and radiant.

Treatment time is 75 minutes Special Price $130.00 (Save $20)

Intensive Winter Detox (Staff pick!)

Detoxing your body is pleasant and relaxing in this tailor-made treatment. Start with an Infra-Red Sauna to warm up, relieve tension in your muscles, burn calories and boost your immune system. The infra read rays in the sauna cause both water and fat molecules in the body to vibrate which results in toxins being released from these molecules and then eliminated from the body through sweat. Rinse off in the shower before we start with dry body brushing to gently exfoliate the skin. Next, we paint a blend of detoxifying organic essential oils and mineral rich sea clay to your skin, helping to purify the body by stimulating the lymphatic system. This treatment finishes with a heavenly moisturising massage with our active SwissWellness Cellu-lite body lotion leaving your skin toned and firm.

Treatment time is 2 hours & 15mins Special Price $150.00 (Save $20)

Full Body Winter Warmer

Give yourself some time out with this invigorating full body treatment. We begin with a One Hour Hot-Stone Massage. Our therapist uses heated stones on key points of your body known as energy centres. This increases energy flow throughout your body and feels amazing! Next you will be relieved of any tension in the head and temples with our face, neck and scalp massage. This treatment finishes with our Indulgent Foot Treatment, where we soak your feet in our organic tea tree, Eucalyptus and lavender infused footbath. Then, your feet will be scrubbed with freshly made organic peppermint foot scrub, massaged and treated with warm paraffin wax. Your feet will be left supple and smooth!

Treatment time is two hours Special Price $235.00 (Save $20)


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