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SwissWellness Christmas Specials

Sparkle Hands & Feet Treat

Treat your hardworking hands and feet to an indulgent soak, exfoliation, massage and paraffin wax treatment! Firstly, we soak them in warm water infused with a calming organic essential oil blend of rosemary, lemon & lavender, before they are exfoliated with our soothing peppermint scrub, massaged with our natural & organic SwissWellness lotion and soaked in warm paraffin wax to leave them smooth and supple. They will feel soft and healthy and Summer bound!

Treatment Time: 60 minutes                                                                               $100


Organic Candy Cane Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation + moisturising massage OR coconut oil one hour massage

Buff away dry and dull skin with our organic, delicious Candy Cane scrub made with raw sugar, organic vanilla bean, peppermint raw and warmed organic almond & coconut oil and plenty of Christmas spirit! We massage this potent scrub into your skin to gently exfoliate, nourish and condition your skin while revitalising and energising the body. This indulgent treatment ends with a heavenly moisturising massage using our natural and organic SwissWellness ‘Organic Vanilla’ body lotion’ to leave your skin smooth, hydrated and nourished. You may also choose to top off your body scrub with a long and luxurious hour-long full body massage to relieve stress and tension from your entire body.

Moisturising massage: 60 minutes                                                                  $75

Add 1hr full body coconut oil massage: 90 minutes                                      $165


Detoxifying Chocolate Body Mask

Dry body brushing + body mask with massage

This decadent treatment is perfect for the chocoholics! We start with full body dry brushing to stimulate circulation throughout the body and gently exfoliate the skin. Next we paint on our warm and rich detoxifying chocolate body mask, made freshly by us using antioxidant rich organic cacao, coconut oil & mineral-rich deep-sea clay to stimulate the lymphatic system helping the body to draw out toxins and impurities. After a soothing shower, relax and enjoy a full body moisturising massageusing our natural and organic SwissWellness ‘cellu-light’ active body lotion to leave your skin toned and firm.

Treatment Time: 75 minutes                                                                               $120


Swiss Christmas Bliss

Body exfoliation with massage + facial + foot treatment

This treatment is designed to uplift your mood and energise your body from head-to-toe! Begin with our signature body exfoliation the ‘Salt Body Glow’. This luxurious scrub is freshly made by us using Himalayan salt, aloe vera, raw organic Australian honey and a unique blend of organic essential oils to calm, nurture and exfoliate the skin. Next, enjoy a soothing massage with our natural SwissWellness ‘Wellness’ body lotion leaving the skin enriched and smooth. Next, relax as we cleanse, tone and nourish your skin with our organic rejuvenating express facial. Finally, we take care of your feet with our Indulgent Foot treatment, where your feet are soaked, scrubbed and massaged before they are treated with paraffin wax to leave them silky smooth and supple! This treatment leaves you feeling revitalised, invigorated and ready for the festive season!

Treatment Time: Two Hours                                                                               $200

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Our Staff Favourites from our Day Spa Menu this Month ...

Intensive Moisturising Ritual

Our favourite for revitalising the skin!

Nourish, tone and re-hydrate dry and tired looking skin with our Intensive Moisturising Ritual. The treatment begins with dry body brushing of the entire body to exfoliate dead skin cells. Then a mixture of Vitamin E rich almond and avocado is warmed and then applied to your entire body. Following this, your skin is then treated to a soothing massage using our own ‘Exotic Fountain of Youth’ moisturising lotion that contains a heavenly scent of hibiscus, jasmine, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils to lave your skin soft, smooth and intensely moisturised.

Treatment Time: One hour $135


Full Body Energiser

The perfect pick me up treatment!

This is an energising treatment designed for recovery after stress or strenuous work. Dry body brushing begins this treatment to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. A full body massage follows using an energising and warming blend of organic essential oils. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating express facial concludes this treatment leaving you feeling revitalised and invigorated.

Treatment Time: 1.5 hours $180

Exotic Fountain of Youth

The perfect treatment to rejuvenate the mind, body & skin!

This two and a half hour treatment begins with a rejuvenating full body exfoliation containing cacao butter and Himalayan salt. Next, a body mask containing a blend of clays and organic essential oils is applied to detoxify the body. A full body massage using our specially designed body lotion that contains shea butter and an exotic blend of essential oils concludes this treatment. This wonderful treatment will leave your skin moisturised, radiant and glowing of youth.

Treatment Time: 2.5 hours $295

Chocolate Body Indulgence

Our most delicious, rich and decadent treatment, a chocoholics dream!

First our exclusive SwissWellness organic mocha scrub is massaged into the skin to stimulate, tone and revitilise the skin. Next, the SwissWellness chocolate body mask, containing deep sea clay, minerals, antioxidants and organic cacoa is applied to purify the skin and bring about a feeling of total relaxation and wellbeing. A soothing moisturising massage using our exclusive SwissWellness ‘Organic Vanilla’ body lotion concludes this exquisite treatment.

Treatment Time: 2 hours $295

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