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  • Day Spa Adelaide - Winter Specials

    Spiced Oatmeal Scrub

    Revive and repair dry and flaky skin with this warming body scrub. This organic scrub is made with oatmeal, coconut oil and a spicy blend of cinnamon, cardamon, sweet orange and ginger essential oils. Whilst being massaged into the skin, this scrub gently removes dead skin cells whilst increasing blood flow throughout your body. This divine treatment finishes with a moisturising massage using our natural and organic SwissWellness Original Vanilla body lotion to nurture the skin. Keep your skin vibrant all winter long with this stunning scrub! 

    Oatmeal Scrub with Moisturising massage

    1 Hour $85

    Intensive Winter Detox

    Purify your mind, body and skin this winter with this blissful winter detox. Start in out warm Infrared Sauna to deeply relax, sweat out impurities, burn calories and boost your immune system. Next, we use dry body brushing to gently exfoliate the skin and energise your entire body. Our handmade Detox Body Mask made with Deep Sea Clay, Australian Green Clay and a detoxifying blend of organic essential oils is then painted onto your skin. You will relax in this warm cocoon as the masks helps to deeply cleanse the skin and purify the body. This treatment finishes with a moisturising massage using out natural SwissWellness 'Cellu-Lite' body lotion, which uses organic black pepper and juniper berry to nourish, tone and firm the skin.

    Infrared Sauna, Detox Body Mask, Moisturising Massage 

    Approx. 2 Hours $160

    The Warming Wellness

    Start in our Infrared Sauna to heat up the body and reap the benefits that infrared ray can bring to your overall wellbeing. Next, enjoy a luxurious Hot-Stone Massage where heated stones soothe tension throughout the body and improve your flow of energy. This heavenly packages finishes with our Indulgent Foot Treatment using magnesium salts to relax and revitilise your entire body from the feet up. Your feet will be soaked in an organic rosemary, lemon and lavender infused footbath with our SwissWellness pure magnesium salts. They will then be exfoliated massaged and treatment in paraffin wax. Take care of yourself this winter with this uplifting treatment.

    Infrared Sauna, Hot-Stone Massage, Magnesium Foot Treatment

    Approx. 2 & A Half Hours $235

    *Please note that no other offer can be used in conjunction with these specials*