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  • Day Spa Adelaide - Autumn Specials

    Swiss Body Bliss

    This sensational treatment starts with dry body brushing to increase circulation and gently exfoliate the skin. Next, a warm antioxidant rich deep sea clay body mask mixed with lavender, chamomile, geranium and patchouli essentials oils will be painted onto youu entire body. You will escape to a place of deep relaxation while  wrapped in this heavenly cocoon. Finally, this divine treatment finishes with an hour long full body massage with organic coconut oil and essential oils to soothe your entire body.

    Relaxing Cocoon Body Wrap & Full Body Massage

    Treatment Time: 1hr 30 mins $165

    Matcha Cocoon Wrap

    Heard of Matcha before? It is a form of powered green tea that is packed with antioxidants, essential for glowing, youthful skin! We have created a natural, organic Matcha Mask to help rejuvenate your skin and detoxify your body. This treatment starts with dry body brushing to gently exfoliate skin before we paint on the warm Matcha Mask that is infused with a heavenly blend of essential oils and mineral rich deep-sea clay. Drift off into a 'Zen' like mode while relaxing in the Matcha cocoon. Finally, this treatment ends with heavenly moisturising massage to leave your skin toned and firm!

    Body Brushing, Cocoon Wrap, Moisturising Body Massage

    Treatment Time: 75 minutes $120

    Spiced Chai Scrub & Full Body Massage

    This body scrub smells delicious enough to eat! Made with raw sugar, organic honey, chai leaves, vanilla bean, almond oil & a hint of bitter orange essential oil, cinnamon spice and cardamon this scrub gently exfoliated the skin while enriching it with nourishing ingredients. Rinse off in the shower only to then be treated to an hour long full body massage, easing tension in the body and deeply relaxing the mind.

    Chai Body Scrub & One Hour Full Body Massage

    Treatment Time: 90min $150

    The Swiss Wellbeing

    Take care of yourself in preparation for the cooler months ahead with this exclusive treatment. Start in our Infrared Sauna to reap the benefits that Infrared rays bring such as skin rejuvenation, detoxification, boosting metabolism and immunity and soothing tension and pain in the body. Next, we use a dry brush to exfoliate your entire body and helping to continue the detoxification by stimulating your lymphatic system. Relax as you enjoy a soothing full body massage with organic coconut oil to loosen tight muscles. Finally, your feet will be soaked in a rosemary, lemon and lavender foot bath containing magnesium bath salts to deeply relax you from head to toe. Your feet will then be scrubbed and massaged leaving them silky smooth! 

    Infrared Sauna, Dry Body Brushing, Full Body Massage, Foot Treatment with Magnesium Salts

    Treatment Time: Approx 2hrs 15mins $200

    Warming Wellness Package

    This package is designed to revitalise and energise you during the colder months ahead. Start in our warming Infrared Sauna to heat up the body and reap the benefits Infrared rays can bring to overall wellbeing. Next, enjoy a luxurious hour long Hot-Stone Massage allowing the heat of the stones to soothe tension and improve your flow of energy. Finally, your skin will be take care of with our Aromatherapy Facial, which includes an indulgent face, next and scalp massage. An enriching Vitamin rich mask will be applied to your skin leaving it with a healthy glow. You will float away a new person after this blissful package!

    Infrared Sauna, Hot-Stone Massage & Aromatherapy Facial

    Treatment Time: Approx. 2hrs & 45mins $280

    *Please note that no other offer can be used in conjunction with these specials*