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Winter Specials

Stress Be Gone Package

Treat yourself to a sauna to warm up, relieve tension in your muscles, burn calories and boost your immune system. The infra-red rays in the sauna cause both water and fat molecules in the body to vibrate which results in toxins being released from these molecules and then eliminated from the body through sweat. After your sauna you will have time for a brief shower before you receive a one hour full body massage, you can choose between either a relaxation massage, to relieve stress, or a sports massage to help loosen tight muscles. This treatment finishes with a fifteen minute facial massage to bring about a deep feeling of relaxation.

Treatment time is two hours.    Special Price    $165.00

Moisturising Body Treatment

First, you will receive our Intensive Moisturising Ritual. This treatment begins with dry body brushing to increase circulation as well removing dead skin cells. Next, a mixture of vitamin E rich Organic almond and avocado oil is heated and applied to your entire body. Then you will be treated to a full body moisturising massage using our own ‘Exotic Fountain of Youth’ 100% natural body lotion that contains hibiscus, jasmine, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils to leave your skin soft, smooth and intensely moisturised. Finally, you will be treated to a thirty minute Stress Relief Facial to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin.

Treatment time is one and a half hours. Special Price $185.00

Winter Warming Special

We begin this indulgent treatment by exfoliating your skin with our Oatmeal Scrub that contains a mixture of warming and invigorating essential oils. Next, you will receive a full body moisturising massage which uses our own, natural and Organic Vanilla Body Lotion.  Then you will be pampered with a one hour relaxing Aromatherapy Facial that incorporates an indulgent facial massage using an essential oil for your skin type to deeply moisturise and balance the skin. Finally you will receive an Indulgent Foot Treatment which includes a foot soak, scrub, massage and finishes with a paraffin wax treatment to leave your feet soft and smooth.

Treatment time is two and a half hours. Special Price    $245.00


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*Please note that these specials are not able to be used in conjunction with any other offer.




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