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Mother's Day Specials

Thanks Mum

This exquisite treatment begins with a soothing 45 minute massage using organic coconut oil and a relaxing blend of organic essential oils. Next, your Mum may choose between either a 30 minute Stress Relief Express Facial or our Indulgent Foot Treatment. Perfect for a Mum who is always strapped for time who deserves some relaxation!

Treatment Time: 75 Minutes Special Price: $125.00 (Save $20)

It’s All About Mum

It is all about Mum with this specially designed treatment just to show her how much you care! First, the treatment begins with dry body brushing to warm up the body, increase circulation and gently exfoliate her skin. Then, she will ease into a state of deep relaxation when she is treated to a relaxing full body massage using a mixture of warmed organic avocado and organic almond oil. We then apply our 100% natural SwissWellness 'Exotic Fountain of Youth' body lotion to her entire body leaving her skin nourished and smooth. Finally, this decadent treatment finishes with our Stress Relief Express Facial to cleanse, tone and moisture the skin while releasing tension from the neck, scalp and temples.

Treatment Time: 90 Minutes Special Price: $175.00 (Save $20)

Mum’s Escape

Let Mum escape for a day of pure bliss and relaxation! This treatment starts with a one hour full body massage to ease your Mum’s tense and hardworking muscles. She will then receive a one hour long relaxing Aromatherapy Facial. This is a Mum’s favourite facial where we use a special blend of essential oils suited to her skin type and our 100% natural SwissWellness range to calm and hydrate her skin including an extra long massage. Finally she will be treated to an indulgent Pedicure where her toes will be filed, buffed and polished to perfection with her choice of nail colour!

Treatment Time: Two and a Half Hours Special Price: $245.00 (Save $25)


Special Gift Ideas

Want to treat someone with something a bit different this year? Try our ever so rich and decadent Swiss Chocolate Body treatments! See how the skin glows and your mood lifts after we cover you in raw organic cocao! Yum!

Dark Chocolate Body Scrub

Let us massage our freshly mixed warmed organic almond oil, organic cocao and raw sugar scrub to your skin to gently remove dead skin and increase circulation throughout your entire body. After a quick rinse off in the shower, you will receive a soothing Moisturising Massage using our own SwissWellness Organic Vanilla Body Lotion to leave you skin silky smooth!

Special Price $75 (Save $15)

Rejuvenating Chocolate Body Mask

Firstly we start by applying our Creamy Chocolate Body Mask to your entire body. The mask is freshly mixed using antioxidant rich organic Cocao and Deep Sea Clay to form the ultimate combination for detoxification and relaxation. Next you will be treated to a Full Body Massage using our freshly made spicy blend of warmed coconut oil, cinnamon and sweet orange essential oils to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin while relieving stress and tension from your muscles. This special treatment will leave you glowing from the inside and out!

Special Price $95 (Save $20)

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